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Hetaween 2013

A Halloween event by Himaruya Hidekaz for his series Axis Powers Hetalia.
It focuses on a Halloween event in a comic story, drawn requests and other artwork on the side.


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A few slow days of updates, so I hope everyone managed to slip in more breaks and rest during then!! I don’t think Himaruya will be updating any further for the night as it’s 3:30am there, so I’ll be off too!

I’ll be busy again the next few days as I have two exams this week, but I’ll do my best to update the blog whenever I can ;u; 

[Blog Entry] Thank you for the requests!

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Oh my! I didn’t update very much in the last few days so now I want to upload the manga story as quickly as possible. I’ll start with the strip where I was in the middle of typesetting. Sorry for all the waiting.

Also I got requests asking for “wakame”, do you mean wakame as in the seaweed?!

[T/N: “wakame” can also mean “youngish” or “young looking”.]

Introducing some pretty places:


This is somehow cool.


Retro street found in the Kanmon Strait museum
The whole of Moji city is so beautiful, all the way from Moji train station.

[T/N: Kanmon Strait is between the Honshu and Kyushu islands, Moji is a city in Fukuoka close to the strait.]

I received an email with news that some Italian politician said “Try harder, Germany!”. I laughed.

I’m here now! Still a little busy, but available to do any updates/positing if any pop up ;u;

  Anonymous said:
> portugal its cannon now?

I’ve addressed the answer before in this post ;u; 
I hope that helps!

It’s like super duper late here “orz
So I shall hop to bed;;;;  I will most likely wake up late for today’s updates;;;; 

So please check out the list other places you’ll be able to catch the updates!

Good night morning, and take care everyone!
I’ll see you when I wake up ;u;”